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Welcome to Dying

Hey, get in line, cuz time is now, for us to rob you blind
Suck it in, the shit we sell's like opiate, FOR THE MASSES
So chew it up, like the idiot that you're just supposed to be
Bigotry, the clay that shapes society

No, let's nuke 'em all to hell
Death, destruction & pain
Fear, the only thing that sells
Headlines - the only way

Welcome to dying, the only way

You parasites, our masterplan to keep you on a leash
Ignorance, let's milk our their minds from autonomy, NO EXCEPTIONS
You're saying what?!? That we invade on people's civil rights?!?
A bunch of lies, we just secure our economy!

Oh friend, don't turn into our enemy
We'll dig your grave and throw you down
No, don't question our monopoly
Or why the bloodly bills keep rolling in

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