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So You Win Again

So you win againhot chocolatejust to admit one mistakethat can be hard to takei know we've made them fallbut only fools come back for morebeing the fool i ami figured in all your plans, darlingyour perfumed letters didn't say that you'd be leaving any dayso you win again, you win againhere i stand again, the loserand just for fun you took my love and run, but love had just beguni can't refuse herbut now i know that i'm the foolwho won your love to lose it allwhen you come back, you win againand i'm not proud to say i let love slip awaynow i'm the one who's cryingi'm a fool there's no denyingwhen will my heartache end?will my whole life depend on fading memoriesyou took the game this time with ease(repeat chorus)

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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