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Only Lies

Sooner or later, I knew the truth would appear
That's when I cried a lonely tear
I couldn't stop it, no matter how I tried
Now maybe there's something wrong inside

Hold me close, can't you hear me calling
All alone does no-one, understand

Only lies, I gave to you
Only lies I don't know, what I can do
Realise, face it, it's true
Ain't no disguising there's a problem with you
.... only lies

Won't somebody help me, seen it all before
Now I'm closing my eyes can't take anymore
I've suffered dillusions, see me reaching out
Like a victim who wants to clear the doubt

Only lies... I just can't take no more
Who would believe somebody, who's always tellin' tales
I just can't make it no more, oh no no, I don't know

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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