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Lady Patra


No pussyhole can come in our place

In our arena, in our establishment

And try talk the talk and walk the walk

And act like them don't know where we from

Like we don't have the biggest in hundred

Iggy, what you say...

What you say...


[Hook x2]

Classic, Sinatra

Bad, Phantom of the Opera

Shuffle the deck, I be the queen in the pack

Gotcha, Lady Patra

[Verse 1: Iggy Azalea]

Paper planes, roger that, 10-4

Got money, been had it, still gettin' more

Oh y'all in the building, but on different floors

Y'all couldn't see it how we see it on ya tippie-toes

Iggy so killing, so pretty, still pretty

Talkin' hits on hits, McGuire, Bonds, Griffey

Mash it up, bring the queens of the dancehall with me

Pearl handle on the pistol, tell this world to come and get me

And I'm thummin' through designers to pick which'll fit me proper

Paid dues, climbed through the ranks, but we ain't Shabba

Need me a rude boy, something straight out the shockers

That could drive a girl crazy, all the way off my rocker

Versaces over eyelids, lookin' like Biggie Poppa

No they thought I wouldn't make it, I'm lookin' like what's the matter...

But tell them money talks, and them man not saying nada

This the new classic, signed sincerely, Lady Patra

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Mavado]

She's special and phenomenal

Body strong like a stallion

She got me wild like an animal

Chop it up, eh pon de floor

Chop it up, eh pon de floor

You put your whine dynamical

Billion dollar shit, trillion dollar looks

Tell them broke bitch, read it in the books

Your thing turn up, you got Louis on your foot

You know you got gully on the hook

Mr. Brooks

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Mavado]

Said she need a real man

Oh yes she want a real one

So she fuck with a Jamaican

Done (haha!)

Your body lookin' like a billion dollar

The baddest bitch you ever seen

The one I want to be my baby mama

I fuck her like my enemy

[Hook x2]

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