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These Sonnets Of Our Lives

Just one moment,
one chance is all that we seek
to convey to you what is in our hearts.
Just open your mind,
for we may have something new to share.
And we do - these sonnets of our lives.
As we open ourselves, will you open your arms?
If we bear our souls to you, will you look the other way?
We strive to be the poets - the voices of a brand new age.
Or of an age just long forgotten, where truth is pursued with dialogue.
We simply cannot sing unto the deaf.
We can't show ourselves unto the blind.
If you cannot feel, there will be no embrace.
If you refuse us we will remain the same.
You can't close our minds, you can't lock our hearts.
No one can take from us the love we have for you.
This new breath, gives us new life.
Stay here with me, look into my eyes.

[Repeat first verse]

We've opened up our hearts - our lives we'll share.
We're here now for each other.

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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