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Ruines Mystérieuses

Ruines mystérieuses
Its name sings in the memories since lit the inferno which burned 200 heretics in the foothills of the olmes mounts. on a top among many, there are ruins in strange vegetation. in this country where rocks burst because
Of the freezing winter, pog, with fantastic appearance, taller, higher, more inaccessible. fortress perched on a rock peak, inside of his walls,
The wind blows furious of each intrusion. it moans along the battlements trying to penetrate the least nooks of shadows. castle suspended in the airs mysteriously fixed to invisible thing located higher,
Montségur eagles nest where all clouds of the world converged. its form is alike a ghost ship where the mind blows again where the mystery of the grail will always plane. indefinitely.

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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