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Rotten Track

Into the wild confusion of a multicoloured dream we dived.
All of our strange affections gathered 'round us in the morning light.
Softly shining skin of little girls the painter drew for us
makes it unbelievable that all we have could soon be lost.

soon be lost
soon be gone
gone away

The train is coming in.
So please stand back!
Wheels hardly spin.
You feel busted.
Watch the big parade
at the rotten track!
Please stand back!
Please stand back!

With every single word you speak the sun is rising higher and higher.
The room looks desolated, - overloaded with a strange desire.
Calling for some help, We're standing at the gate, it's raining still.
Yesterday they kicked us out. I think I'm sure they always will.

They always will
soon be gone
gone away

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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