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Only Wait

It was a sunny endless place
My feet were sinking and burning
The thoughts began to fade
Where was the danm village?

I should look where birds over fly
The massages tormented my mind
Kept walking for three hours
Ended up arriving in something unexpected

The valleys were huge
I could bring my friends over here
The rivers seems refreshing and
It’s waters cristal clear

How that something so big wasn't discovered before
I wanted to go down and walk on the grass
That could bring us back

There was something different
The sound didn't seem to find a path
Nature lived in a major silence
Lonesome was the impression i had

I wold like to feel the air again
Forget my loneliness with so much around
Swim in those calm waters
Where I only think about the facts

When I looked back couldn’t see my path
There was beauty but also fear
I thought i found something new
But everyone that comes here only wait

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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