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For The Life In Me

Pulled out from Eden
And left it behind
Till the weight of the world
Came screaming in behind
Cut my wrist to insist
On a thousand bad dreams
Till the sound of my trumpet
Was the sound of a scream
Removed what they told me
Was right and sublime
To drink in fifths and
Drive in shifts
Through the alleys at night
Moved my mind over
Till my heart was the high beam
And if you ask me why I do it
I'll say it's for the life in me

You see my eyes were blinded
With the rules of the thumb
The thieves they owned the village
The Saints were all bums
They said I'd have to come in their colors
Or I'd never see the sun
Couldn't call it as it was
So to the highway I'd become

It's a wonder all them pilgrims
Crossed the plains and seven seas
To stand in awe and wonder
And die up in the trees
You'll never wonder why
When you suck the air the breathe
You'll sing in toothless wonder
Man it's for the life in me

So if you're busy dying warm
In the silk sheets of your bed
And you forget that being born
Is a daily piece of bread
There's a place that you can drift
If you turn an open eye
In from all the madness
For a glance at your insides
For a star lays at the end of every
Nerve that you paint
It's everything you are and all that you ain't
What waits there in the distance
Somehow sets me free
So don't stand and wonder why I'm gone
It's probably for the life in me

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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