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Blind Me

Ain't nothing wrong with me
I believe I'm a doing okay
You can show 'em where the car is
Never was mine anyway
And this girl I love
Well lately I feel the pain
And the dirt on my shoes
Will havem to wait on the rain

Ain't nothing wrong with her
Man! She sure is looking sweet
Like to take her home sometime
But I doubt that we'll ever meet
and the world she loves
Makes her dance just a little bit vain
And that blue in her eyes
can wait on the rain

And if you need me, you know where you can find me
You can make me play the fool,
but you can't blind me

Ain't nothing wrong here
This place has been around a long long time
Yeah it gets a little wild I know
But there's a treasure or two to find
And the one I love
Always loves me just the same
Because the blackened soul
Can always count on the rain

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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