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White Wolves

You was born in a common working family,
And grew up amongst the necessities.
The life around seemed dearker that a night,
Reveived in the world of vices and enemity.

The same way I grew up in the nearby house,
The same path was before me.
We were taught that there was nothing more important than
To bend our backs for the chosen folk.

For White and Proud,
For White and Proud NS skinheadgirl,
For White and Proud ...

Sister, we'll not be able to creep,
The freedom boils in blood - it can't be taken away!
We'll fight and not to humilitate,
The time to rise our heads will come.

You're proud Aryan she-wolf,
I'm the white wolf, that has shown its fangs.
Only enemies are all around, their faces are mercieless.
The eyes are shining and the fists are clenched.


You grew up in a common working family,
The life is ahead - go the direct way.
There's no use to change yourself, together from the dark night
We'll march to the light by the road of the truth.

Chorus (2 times):

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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