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Consider the cross

VS 1
When I see the cross you carried
to the crest of Calvary
The symbol of your suffering seems beautiful to me
On a day filled with injustice, when the cup you drank was bitter
All that I can see is love whenever I consider
The cross, the cross, the precious old cross
where you took all my sin and you covered the cost
And apart from your mercy my gain is loss
when I consider the cross, oh when I consider the cross
VS 2
So take all of my successes any honor I have won
I lay down everything thing here before what You have done
'Cause my life is not my own now, Lord I see You as the giver
and I will spend eternity so grateful to consider....
I will dwell upon the crown you wore, the nails that caused your scars
All other scenes will pale beside what's burning in my heart...

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