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You come here with nothing
and you expect to get it all
just like that
Who do you think you are
You come here with flowers
and you think it'd be ok
But it's not ok
It's like you're walking around on air
with your head high
Above the clouds
soon you'll stumble backwards
Trough your shadow
into something you've tried
to put behind

'Cause you've never been
where I am
Don't you see
So why don't you shut the fuck up
you don't know a shit about me

So what if you had Jesus
rolling around on your floor
I don't care
So what if there's beaches
whiter than lies
I don't care
Yeah, I swear
it doesn't make any difference to me

A heart of snow
she cries
The tears of an eskimo
they're cold as ice

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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