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Subjected In Orphanic Entity

Motherless, fatherless.
Homeless, restless.
No walls of rooms keeps you warm.
No suave tears will save your whole arm.
No wailing will withhold your spilling blood.
No smiles of angels will stop your grief flood.

Motherless, fatherless.
Homeless, restless.
See the candle light the sore verities.
Strained palpitations, vaporized entities.
Treated as an encumbrance in the uterus.
Treated as a insatiable parasite, as a virus.

Attachment met once the spirit,
When callousness got in habit.
Acid corroded skin under eyes,
Heart got nullified by lies.
Subjected in orphanic entity,
As a dosser in the dark, always searching.
For an arm that hugs, for a lip that kisses.
For the velvet silhouette returns blisses.

Calcinated by the frost of that subjective level,
Always fail when attempting to heal the self.
Having no root to retreat to when burnt.
No time for convalescement - constantly hurt.
Motherless, fatherless.
Homeless, restless

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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