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Say the password to enter
My poor candidate veiled in darkness
Say the words to enter the Temple

Come brother be born again
Swear to keep our secrecy
Come join the Dark Force

As a new time approaches
Let the world know our strength
Coming from the dark
A hideous hidden conspiracy

Nothing to regret
Destroying traditions of centuries
Our Craft is to bring
A New Order to this Earth

From the ashes of the ancient secret societies
Counter-initiation to achieve
Global power through world subversion

Knights of Hiram
Inciting revolutions across the planet
First the Great Terror
Then the bloody Red Tide
All the while watched by
The All Seeing Eye

Demonic forces moving underground
The rule of money
And its slaves

Modern man ?a subhuman beast
A wretched, mindless and soulless pariah
The tyranny of the masses
The deception of democracy
And the All Seeing Eye

Our Craft is now complete
A world of slaves bow to our feet
Material dominion over the planet
In the name of the Great Architect, the Demiurge

Lords of Kali Yuga

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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