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World Police

World police

Just like father just like son
There might as well be only one
You fight the world
On its behalf
The middle east is just a start
The w must be for winner
Sounds more masculine
Than junior
Usa will save the lot
Who made you the fucking cops?

Fuck the world police
Fuck the world police

You have no culture short of films
Where heroes save the day
You act like life's a comic book
And you must make osama pay
Your government and media
Spread lies for you to eat
On the bodies of your enemies
Or anyone you fucking
Want to own

Witches commies
You've burned them
All and more
For your price
You'll fuck the world
America's a whore

You've homeless people
On your streets
But only send aid overseas
You claim to have
The moral right
But aren't safe on your
Streets at night
Your kids at school
Are buying guns
'cause violence
Fixes everyone
You'd fight the world
With neutron bombs
Who made you
The fucking cops?

Fuck the world police

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