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Killing Sunshine

To believe is your only sin
Carved in stone holy book the rain begins
Believer in you Believe in me

Acid rain is fading to your soul
All the demons calling you
To make yourself their home
Turn to ashes from the flames of ancient spirits
You make the prophecy of shade begins

Noticed that you loose your eyes
Hear the voice telling how deaf you are
no one cares you, will see, sacrifice reality

Showing lack of respect for human nature
Mother earth is hurt and dying slowly
Keep that away and kill your bleeding mother
Pay the consequence of dying sunshines

Is the way you wanted to
Nightmares turn around you
Acid rain is in your veins
sacred thoughts you banished
Spirits changed your essence
Acid rain is in your veins

Now the time has come the hole inside
Smart in dreams but being so fool in life
Its a world destroyed you murdered life
Proud of miserableness, pestilence of skin
The smell of dark

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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