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Den Of Evil

In a darkened den out of our domain
Within all the fevers and pestilence
Dwells an evil unknown to man
I've seen the suffering of thousand souls
Descending into the graven ground
Marching to die, the gathered troops
Into their doom, endless suffering
Beyond the seas of blood below the earth
The chant for war and killing cries
Hatred creation, a scourge within our minds
Praise the lord spilled by the spawned rage
He shall lead us nevermore and evermore
I have seen the hatred in the den
A deeper dungeon that leads
Beyond our world
The groan of the souls
On their voyage to heaven
They tell the truth about the den
No gracious light no sphere to ascend
You die and then you simply rot
The gateway to the other side
Overwhelming sorrow, hatred thoughts
The soul to suffer, torture in mind
Beyond thy recognition, beyond your belief

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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