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If You Wanna Be Free

Life isn't worth a single dime, if you haven't got the time.
Love, love is such a precious thing, hold on - it's everything.
Two, it takes two to make a pair, but remember baby.

If you wanna be free,
take your chance, don't blow it,
don't be afraid to show it.
If you wanna give it a try,
go on, try it.

Hands, they reach out to shake and say:
We can make it all the way.
Some never get a chance to win, but it doesn't matter.

Hey, you're a stranger, but it seems,
I once saw you in my dreams.
Blue was the colour of your eyes,
and just now I realize.
Kids, we were kids, now you're a man.
We were fools together.

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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