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(Verse 1)
I always saw you as Ron's sister
But there was something more
Now I can see all of the others
As a shadow

A shadow of true love slowly growing
Unfolding through the years
And as I followed the bold outline
I found you

All this time, you were chasing me
And you were the catch that I seeked
Hey Ginny, will you marry me?
You're the snitch I have always dreamed, i'd reach

(Verse 2)
It took me far too long to notice
That we had something real
Now I can see we're great together
I should never

Never have gone so far without
The way you make me feel
But I wouldn't change it for the world
Cause I know now

I wanna spend every second with you
For the rest of my life
There were nights I thought I wouldn't survive
Winter nights, cold and sharper than knives

But I'm still breathing, together breathing
And every breath is a song
What kept me running was
The hope to earn chance to run with you all along

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