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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

A Masters In Reverse Psychology

Put the bullet in the barrell take the safety off keep shootin' at the devil
in the moonlight put it all on black till your luck comes back we're all
waitin' for the end what kind of finish will he send these hands made of
splinters keep knockin' back the whiskey sours I've got a few more days to
go and I've got another crust of bread somewhere holed up waiting in this
is this whats left of the house fill the lamp up with kerosene and toss
rest in the hall just coat the walls and strike the cigarette when you
hear them coming we'll pray for them and stay with them till the poor little
bastards die hand in hand we'll never forget them when they're gone so keep
the girls inside of the little church with their bruised knees on the pews.

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