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The Trio

I will tell a story for you
It is about three girls very friends
They joined in college
And never again be separated

They were very suffered
Over time of their friendship
And why was she
The devil: Mrs Pula

She was always a way
For the trio were cutting up
Invented the most mad stories
Thinking that was able

But they were fucking
Their friendship was stronger than anything
They always gave one way
From never get far
They screamed:
Jump, Mrs Pula!
Jump, Mrs Pula!
Mrs Pula jumped
And the trio continued:
Jump, Mrs Pula!
Jump, Mrs Pula!
And the old jumped
But the trio not stopped!

Every frame that she was
The hatred of them grew
The desire was to exterminate it
Doing this fall in a deep abyss

The woman had no heart
I end up with the joy of the three friends
Without piety, always trying to
The mad jumped every cry that the trio gave
(Chorus 2X)
On the day of the burial of Mrs Pula
The three brothers smiling, said:
Jump, Mrs Pula, because now we who are laughing!
At this moment, there's hell
Dona Pula are seeing our success
The trio, first and the only one
That even after all
You are making the ground shake!

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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