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From The Flesh He Was Created...

I run through bundlest fields
Alone, with the consciousness of my destiny
Driving rain takes my journey
Through expanses of dead leaves
Dirty with the dark blood of sadness
Trees covered with filth
Through which flow heavy drops of water
Like tears that have covered the face happiness
Putrid fruits exhale the scent of death
Wails of pain resound in the darkness

Tied under the unholy altar
The impure virgin
In her green eyes shined
The black flame of burning sky
The brightness of her skin
Showed a beauty that no one had possessed before now
I've loosened her chains
Uniting my hand with hers
I've rested my lips on her neck
Quivering ive sweetly touched her breast
Her nipples, her smooth legs
Ive caressed her hips
Ive kissed her lips
Grazing her tongue with mine
Uniting with her in carnal passion
In the sin that should have given rise to the cursed birth

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