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Halo Trauma

Leaveless and ashamed.
Naked and curb swept.
Stripped by your angry tongue.
Bone cracks and laughter.
Storm clouded vision.
Color whore you stole my silver.
Memories are a mass confusion.
Little boys should never be disillusioned limbless trees
(this boy has planned his whole life to kill you.)
In this forced comfort,
Peeling the skin rolling through the dry dead leaves.
Pacing the floor.
Knowing it won't go away.
You're out there glowing and smooth
skinned thinking that you won't be found.
Dying birds and dogs ripped open.
Trees falling,
Earth-movers move earth.
Mother nature's frolicking afterbirth.
Nothing dead can ever touch you.
We should not be permitted this
quiet privilege of breathing.
Dead sky rains rocks head back my mouth agape.
Sky shakes teeth break.
Slapped hard and awkward to face what I've done.
I never learn,
Dark shadows eyes gouged,
wander dead earth no one will come.
I found this is how it is.
Your skin is for the murdering.
Your blood is for the dying earth,
So what is your dying wish?
I'm so sick of all this talk about love,
He loves you.
I love you.
I'll kill him.
I'll kill you.

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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