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With All Your Heart

You make this world a better place
when you try your best each day
just listen, and your heart will show the way
And it'll make you strong inside
ev'ry time you do what's right
in a time of darkness, you'll find light
You'll find you have the courage within
to fight for what you truly do believe in
with all your heart
i know you can do anything
with a little faith, you can reach
right up to the highest star
there's no mountain you can't climb
just look inside your heart, you'll find
the strength inside
all you have to do is try
with all your heart
There's a diff'rence you can make
so never underestimate
the power of what one can really do
And nothing's gonna stand in your way
'cause, now, you know you've got what it takes to save the day
Repeat chorus
if you start to stumble
and, if you start to fall
just keep reaching for your dreams
you know you're gonna catch 'em all
Repeat chorus
All your heart
all your heart
with all your heart

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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