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White Trash Saint

Find out something new everyday
Finally found I have something to say
Sit back white collar, grin ,grin, grin
Yet to shed your scaly skin

There is little, yeah, little you can do
Except ignore me in front of you
Then I'll haunt your dreams and family
Hear your daughters screaming run daddy.....yeah

You drink such beautiful wine
It is so much better than mine...yeah
Live your life of love with no regrets
But to me you'll pay all your debts

Republican eye mounted in your head
Wish it was peep show trash instead
Got a life for free, don't you complain
Your daddy whipped, mom showed restraint

Negative oak desk, leather lounge chair
Filth dripping out from your evil pilot stare
It leaks on out, out on your world
Coat hanger killing daddy's little girl.........yeah


What did you expect from me
Besides my purest hate
What did you think I'd do
Bow to you the White Trash Saint?

I can make my own white trash
I know how and it'd be fun too
But I have the self respect
Not to become a white trash saint
LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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