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Girls Like Rockstars (ft. Munya & Eagle Eye)

([chorus]: EAGLE EYE)

Here we go ooo ooo ooo

Here we go ooh ooh ooh ooo ooo ooh


Girls like rockstaaa-aaa- aaa-aaa ars

Girls like rockstaa-aah- aaa-aaa-aars(x2) (MUNYA)

We kill it, they love it, we party even on a monday, we come in, they jump in, one akundidhonza hanzi Munya huya hande-e, rockboys, rockchicks, make noise drop hits, cause that's what we here for Munya in your headphone girl we are bad boys here we-e

([chorus]: EAGLE EYE)


With my fellas behind me, we gut swagger yeah we ain't jokin, poppin bottles all night yeah we are livin the life, now we killin on, livin my life

Poppin bottles all night, with them rockstars shawy we goin far with them girls it's gettin hot-t

(T~MILEZ) LOOK!! Sniek Jacks lookin out through the window panes, really wanaa make girls happy yaaaah i see, bluzinh off fleakinh out like the pizza man, many girls loving me cause i'm so real, girls wonder how the tolls ain's old, i'm not slow to take the r&b diva out, but you can't bring every single one you meet home, shally she does prolly wanna get some ice, calling the lean-do, the super, the models, then i be the lee-noh, in my rome legah, she gut me looking crazy smelling that liqlin lotion, you callin quits on me i can easily get another girl, yeah, surmise i can beat the best, you catch me on the block with the truck craicker yeah, going to the clubs and trippin them girls, the c section looks so good, hot, cool man lemmie stop-p-p

([chorus]: EAGLE EYE)

Girls like rockstaa-aaa-a aaa-aaa-aaars

Girls like rockstaa-aaah- aaaa-aaaa-ars


Yeaaah, Yeaaah.. .. .. OUTRO

Dooo-ruuu-ddoo, dooo-ruuu-dooo-

Ddoo-doo-dooo-ruuu-ddoo--------- peace owww


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