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Vicious Thorn

Is there something lost in me? Like a vicious thorn
Is she tearing ribbons so the pain will be adorned
Have I wrapped it all nicely in the soul-race of my eyes
Do you even care your candle is burning out of my disguise

Now I cradle everything
You're not coming back, you're not comin
Now I cradle everything
In arms wind could crack
For you're not coming back

Is there something lodged in me, like a bitter scorn
Has it nursed on morbid fear of love being stillborn
It there something lost in me - now she's crying,
well now she's breathing, but you're not coming back.

Not I cradle everything
and that's myself
Now I cradle everything 'cause
you're never coming back

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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