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Her Song

I haven't ever felt like this before
But the way you are it all makes sense
And I don't want to go

I will be with you forever
Just as long as you want me too
It's the way that you talk
And the way that you smile

It's the way that you hold my hand in the car
And the way that we lie in your bed
And the things that you had said
If you dont think I can believe you
And that i cant like you

It's not that hard for you to see
That a single day without seeing you
Would make me go crazy

It makes me go numb
All of my emotions are gone
And when you hold me when you sleep
I never want to leave

As you tell me you are sorry
I try and say that you should not worry
Because if there is one thing that I have learned
It that I do not want to see you hurt
I know one thing for sure
I will be here for years with a heart like yours, Pure

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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