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Crane's-bills garden

Looking for the secrets to ride the wild horse
Indeed I got my good views and also bad ones
Riding with no limits I've gathered some scars
And thought I'm losing feelings I'm keeping the hope

I've sailed over high and low tides
And I've found there no time to err twice
I've learned many ways to fly
Some just broke my wings
A few has left me high

I taught things I' better have learned
I kept in mind everything I was supposed to burn
I've build castles in a lot of lands
Some where made of stone, some were made of sand
I searched any place to hide
The safest I found was deep down inside

Losing and winning I knew both of the sides
Bas winners become losers
And good losers become wise

I'm learning, I'm learning each and every day
Sometimes the silence inside speaks louder than the world
Soon I'll try to lose the grip from reality
Maybe in dreams I can be back
Back in my crane's bills garden

I've learned, I've learned and (I) won't leave it away
Just only by the thorn we can't never tell the rose
And he hard times I can't forget I can use to get stronger
Learn to forgive or just let'em go

Virtues and experience
I'm trying my best to keep gardens weeded
I'm making them last

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