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Fragrance Of Pink

Too small to come in
Exploding with sunshock and moonfire
It's too much to choke down
I'm crashed by the nature of freedom
I'm too cracked to thrice mend
And I'm sweating my need for redemption chile guilt beads on my skin
I'm broke from my fallen condition
So come catch me in love again and again
I'll spin light around your name forternal again I'm confessing my needs
whispering beautiful sweets
In a fragrance of pink
(In stark orange and green)
(It's my own fragrance of pink)
Move towards my dark side
Because I'm threatened by mystery and matches But I'll pick up the cup
And swallow my past full of ashes
Glory I'm undone
I'm stretched out on the water of wisdom Fill me up until I drown
From sucking the nectar of being found Sucking the nectar of being found

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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