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Until today i feel the breeze inside
Bringing all about you
All nights the dreams gives a present to me
With you on my arms

You are so divine
No there regret not to swallow pardon
Proving that love continuous
Always looking for smileys
The moon accompaned the passion
That slaved our bodies

We knew ourselves as in the books
The pages have an end
The clande faded but the perfum
I will carry on forever inside of me

Won't get to survive
I don't get to feel alive
I had many plans
Now only i have excuses
I will continues ties where my breathing goes
The silence is punishing me
My blood don't stanch

All the question that i don't get to solve
They become a single truth
You are alive in my heart
Don't find strange if i appear suddenly
Slowly i catch my bits and get me to repair
A piece isn't here
You took of it for far

I already lost even the respect for me
Without the alternatives i try to believe
Until the blind eyes see the demon's messages
Only i know as i wanted to be close to you now

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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