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Found Within

How can you fight what i believe
how can you break away from me
just to not be called one of me
to not care, not care
How can you live this way
what does that life protrey
how can you live in so much doubt
when you are always without
All this life is for you
everything that i do
Everything that i do
All of my life, i've known whats inside
but never really did defie
what is true and what is real
its you
All my thoughts were left inside
and all my lies i tried to hide
but never, really knew
what this life is all about
I walk in places not for me
i was blind, but thought i could see
but now i realize what was wrong
trying to hold for way to long
Now i need you in my life
help me guide me in my strife
show me the way thats perfect for me
lead me in my life and help me see
I need you to help me to see
All this world tries to bring me down
but i just have to hold true to you
live everyday like a gift, its all i need
so i can do my part for the price that you payed for me
Even though my sorrows seem to cloud my eyes
i hear the words that you spoke and i start to realize
that we are here for one reason and thats to
follow your commandments, live and serve you

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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