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Empty (vacío)

Life takes risky courses
Under the situation
and I realized too late
I lost this course
Without you
Later life alone and I'm painting
And amid the light
dark lightning
and ends
*empty (empty)
I'm in a vacuum
Recalling memories
In a far from yesterday
dark lightning
empty (empty)

day to day
Feelings of loneliness
in an empty world without you (impotence)
night without feeling
I gave myself to a world
Without color
And soul has become slave
Without my life
Slowly dying
Heart without love
Another look without you
One more time
Recalling yesterday
And day by day
My life is worn
A little
And the world is just light the place
And your life and mine
It is no peace
Is a empty

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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