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Living Simple

Is it too late
For us to see

One thousand years ago
All there were was trees

If you went back
In time with me

Could you survive without
All you've come to need

I know it seems so radical
With all the good that we have found
I'm talking bout the purest sound

But hear me out
Just sit down

When you're cold
You seek warmth

Through happiness

When you're falling
And time is crawling

I'll lift you up


Let's forget
What we remember

Into the past
Are we delivered

Not very far
From love

In every way
We're condescending

Into a place
We're not pretending

I know it's hard
To do

So the answer
Seems to be

Who you choose to seek
And who will set you free

If you want
To make that me

You will let me know
And I'll reserve your seat

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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