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Village Of Agabha

There were peace and calm
In the village of agabha
The church bell rang
And the sky was so blue
No clouds to be seen

Hama was his name
A warrior he could become
When the time was right
When darkness would appear
And it should

So then a stormy night
They were attacked
And hama took his sword
Going out to war
To face the fear
To kill the enemy

To fight the rulers of the dark
The rain fell like tears
Of dragons in the past

They were the rulers of the dark
Slaying mankind for pleasure and for fun
And so they did

The war went on
For 40 days and 40 nights
The hope was lost
When hama seemed to fall
He cried out in pain

And so at last an enemy
Came too close in agony
And hama was just in his way...

They were the...

I cry for you my friend...

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