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Heaven & Hell

A time full of anger
And we´re in danger
Oh it´s a life in grey
It´s not an illusion
We´re in confusion
Oh every night and day
And the act of humanity is like a crime
It´s a thrill - the folks are ill - I swear

Heaven and hell
Is the world we´re living in
It´s a life of pain and sin
Baby and we are in between
Heaven and hell
Now it´s time for love - come pray
And we get it right one day
You know we got the chance to build a better world
Baby never say never
We´re stronger together
It´s a dream of freedom
Oh never say never
Come help us forever
Hand in hand for love

We need more compassion
It´s no obsession
Oh there will be no end
A secret delusion
It´s no elusion
Oh no one will defend
And the dream of humanity will not survive
It´s a thrill - the overkill - I swear

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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