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I Was Born In a Holiday Inn

These white sheets that dance over and under us are whispering stories of where other lovers have been.
And I'll tell you romanatic things in order to seduce you and unwind you.
I'll fulfill your fantasy because undressing is the best thing.
I know I dont look like a sex symbol, but I am pretty close.
I still got my eyes wide open for the next best thing.
You threw yourself at me so we had an anytime state of mind. I'll teach you things that you'd thought you'd never do. They'll be ready for the guy you think means everything to you.
I know a way how to keep you up all night do you want me to make you feel alright?
yeah! yeah!
Is it just for tonight? Well that's alright.
Well hey there baby!
I think you know exactly what I've done.
But I ain't trying to fool anyone.
It's time for you to get on home cause I aint that kinda man. I've done it once, and i'll do it again.
Forget your name and you'll regret you ever met me.

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