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Church of the Worm

The Order of Reason's tactical Omega squads troopers gazed in awe as numbers of huge towers slithered from beneath the desert sand.
The church was a dull gray in color and when the moon lit it, they could see that the walls were oozing with something.

One of the few soldiers who weren't sickened by this gruesome visage, noticed movement beneath the sand around them.
Even with all their hi tech equipment and armament they were not ready to face the disciples of the worm.

As the last man falls to darkness.
The one not eaten is taken beyond.

Blind yet they see..
No eyes, no ears, no speech.
Hivemind hunger for blood, degravation and power feast on the flesh.
No pain, no grief, no sickness.

Disciples of the sand praise the worm. Above the sea of skulls bound to a pillar a man resists the hunger.
Tempted by promises of strenght beyond strenght he curses the wicked for their words of wisdom.

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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