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Ritual of Dismemberment

Sick thorn in the eye
Cruelty thrust under the nail
Doomed to altar of disease
Blood begins to flow
Sickness, overdose my brain
Surgery torture 'till kill
Explore among the veins
Scalpel becomes a scythe
Damn hedor of human death
Body bend excites
Wake the nerves of my nature
Lust and necrophagia

Evolution of the mind
Justifies the facts
Knowledge of pathology
Elevates the human being

Ritual of Dismemberment !!!

Perfect dissection
For brutal cannibalism
Feast of blood and rotting flesh
Now you'll be devour
With morbid voracity
Feel my scum I am a beast
Devout decadence
Bow infected chapped skin
Cynical morality
Carved purity
Pits of mutilated preys
Grab tears of insanity

Darkness of the mind
Perception of lucidity
To know the potential
Face the self-analysis

Thrash and Kill?!

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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