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Contemporary Perception Narcotics

The efficaciousness of twenty first century technology, including
Horror in the young,
Subjected to the subliminal molestation of the reasoning in their minds,
Through a modern divertissement, malevolence portrayed as recreation,
Digital violence ruining us, transfixing the new generation,
As virtual advancements soar, these organic monsters thrive,
Rupping through each-other, As if the world, depends on them,
At every revelation, a new king ruling cessation,
Blossoming another stage of hate, enclosed within our minds,
How are our reactions justified, screaming, crying, deciet and lies,
These complex machinates contributing to the worlds most feared,
An idoctrinated generation of encephalon cleansed prgenies,
Orchestrating disgustingly, ensnared, in their delusional lives,
Once intelligent, maintaining pragmatic resilience,
Unadorned truth exhibits where the juvenescent abandoned reality,
Mesmerized into dementia by sophisticated visional experiences,
Simulating heartless killings, cold blooded executions,
Bridging the gap between, imagination and reality,
When vivid imagination begins to erupt,
Through the sanguiary seams of the real world,
As it already has begun, the almighty creator of creations,
Will be the one to shun.

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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