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As the iron curtain raises, flowing through it, gluttony,
A wanting for control, empowered through deceitful peace arises,
The undesirable nature of mankind is that of supremacy,
An inequitable lust, desire, to control, to possess,
Fuelled by hatred, an evolved psychological state of intellect,
Through which a threat is created, it must be negated,
By any means possible,
A declaration to protect civility,
From the immorality present in the human race,
How clearly just, as we are divine,
Obvious descendants of the once, who lasts forever,
The eternal, we are his hand,
Religious factions fuck the world as they crusade,
Using terror to punish the nihilistic into extinction,
To have the heathen fall to their knees,
Heretical partisans fight to die, to be at one,
After the extirpation of the dissented majority,
An insurrectionary reilience under -
Jurisdiction of the government,
Eradicates, obliterates, terminates its public,
Holocaustic judgement threatens every origin,
As racial hatred screws with peoples heads,
Xenophobia presents mass forms of violence,
Whilst global nationalism propagates these sins,
The younger generation feeds on it for influence,
Parent the young on war,
The eternal, we are his hand,
But we can't save them now,
Everyone will be a victim of the war.

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