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Gates Of Fate Triumph Of Death

Run... run away
Flee.. flee away from us...

We are cursed by the sky... death sorroun us!
Evil wraps us up!
We killed pity and we have no remorses
Triumph of death... black nightmare...Triumph of death...

Death has finally send his sons
Without flesh, eyes and heart

We killed hope 'cause it was useless
our enemy lowers in front of us and die!!!
Prayers will not save your head..

We're the plague
We give peace to the souls
we give death
we're Triumph of Death

the army of undeads is finally come
without pity,clothes, it is the end
corpses fill the waters yet
a dog cries on his owner'body and
on the guy's waiting to die

There is no reason of fighting
Deads can't be killed again
This is the triumph of death!

It will be useless to draw out the sword.

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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