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Genesis Of a New Era

I hear them, the screams of angels dying
I fear them, their tears like rain
Fuel the fire that engulfs this world
We made this
Our destruction will never cease
And like children we run
To the arms of our mother earth
Fearing the gods wrath

It's over, a century's end
It's finished, breath our last breath
'fore the fires do come
Redemption, death is all that matters now
For no angel will weep
And no devil will spit
For we are now the fallen ones

I can't stop screaming
Can't hide the pain
Our existence is gone
We no longer live on
And our world is just fading away

No more fear, no more creation
All that's hallowed leaves

What becomes of salvation?
In the beginnin we were filled with lies
By the prophets that fantasized
What becomes of damnation?
If not of truth then what of this
All answers lie in the endless souls abyss
And what becomes of hatred?
We will never need to hate anymore
For as one we rose and as one we shall fall
But what becomes of love?
Ah... the one emotion that remains to stay
Never touched until this day

Time is at last gone
Immortal we shall remain
Forever we shall stay
As our star devours
Our once precious lands
As ashes to cosmos
Torn from our greedy hands

And ever... amen

Damnation, salvation, zenith of earth
Minimal time informing
Nightfall bring rebith

Damnation, salvation, zenith of life
Minimal time informing
Nightfall take mankind

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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