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Don't Shoot Me Annie Oakley

I want to take this time to thank you
For the good, the bad, the ugly, always dreamed you
And I pushed you away
Without those days I must say
This would probably be fake
We shared everything

In worlds of thin air (we shared)
In rooms with no beds (we shared)
In spite of it all (I dared)
My conscience to disappear

If I treated you the way you deserve
Then maybe I would never be hurt
Maybe it's my fault from the start
I took that chance, I took it far

When I ran out on everything I knew
Those late night phone calls, they got me through
I need you to know my hands won't let you go
Try to run and hide but you're trapped in my mind

At the top of my lungs singing what I wish I had
Like you in my hands and my old life back
Sleeping in on sunday afternoons
Let's never leave this bedless room

I like where this conversation's going
You act like you didn't see this coming
Oh, and I've been so alone
This window in my mind is broken
Like shattered glass, it's been so long
Since we've even had a moment to talk
So let me pull you close, and oh, I'll show you
Yeah I'll show you what he's not

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