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Gazing Upon The Four New Moons

Fields and forests lit by dusk
Candles snuffed out one by one
Into the starless nightsky
As the four orbs return again.
The weeping of heavens above
By moonlight our paths revealed
Summoned again with our true dark arts
Invoking the gift of the serpent.

As I praise the blood of the night
Seeping from the womb of Chaos.

A mist rises from the vast oceans
Covering the lands in darkness.

Return of the wounds in darkness
Illuminating this impure world
Four pale orbs of dusk positioned
To bestow the keys of the Occult.
And a power runs deep inside my veins
Flowing into another realm from this
Gazing upon the four new moons
Gazing upon an age of dark arts.

Fuente del lyric: www.musicafusion.com

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